Category: Books

  • Technology and the Public Interest


    Book written by Dr. Haochen Sun in 2022 published by the Cambridge University Press.

  • The Patent-Competition Interface in Developing Countries


    Book written by Prof. Thomas Cheng in 2021 published by the Oxford University Press.

  • Hong Kong Competition Law: Comparative and Theoretical Perspectives


    Book co-authored by Prof. Thomas Cheng and Kelvin Kwok, published in 2021 by the Cambridge University Press.

  • Intellectual Property Law in China, 2nd Edition


    Douglas Clark’s co-authored a new book, Intellectual Property Law in China, 2nd Edition

  • New Book co-edited by Haochen Sun: The Cambridge Handbook of Copyright Limitations and Exceptions


    Balganesh, S., Wee Loon, N., & Sun, H. (Eds.). The Cambridge Handbook of Copyright Limitations and Exceptions (Cambridge Law Handbooks). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, January 2021.

  • Competition Law in Developing Countries


    Competition Law in Developing Countries, authored by Thomas Cheng, Oxford University Press, May 2020, 608 pages.

  • New book by Zhao Yun: International Governance and the Rule of Law in China under the Belt and Road Initiative


    International Governance and the Rule of Law in China under the Belt and Road Initiative, Edited by Yun Zhao, Cambridge University Press, September 2018, 330 pp.

  • Intellectual Property in Hong Kong (1st Edition)


    Published by the LexisNexis in 2019, this book covers all the main IP causes of action, the interplay of IP and competition law, domain name recovery and cross border enforcement of IP rights.

  • Identity Construction of Suspects in Telecom and Internet Fraud Discourse


    Ning Ye, Le Cheng & Yun Zhao (2019) Identity construction of suspects in telecom and internet fraud discourse: from a sociosemiotic perspective, Social Semiotics, 29:3, p. 319-335.

  • Civil Litigation in Hong Kong (5th Edition)


    Published by the Sweet and Maxwell in 2017, this book covers updated sections on sanctioned offers and sanctioned payments, mediation and settlement as well as major changes in the arbitration regime.

  • New book by Yahong Li: Patents and Innovation in Mainland China and Hong Kong


    Author: Li Yahong
    Publisher: Cambridge University Press, published in October 2017

  • Chinese Legal Reform and the Global Legal Order: Adoption and Adaptation


    Zhao, Y. & Ng, H. K. M. (Eds.), “Chinese Legal Reform and the Global Legal Order: Adoption and Adaptation”, Cambridge University Press, 2017.

  • Copyright, the Internet, and the Balance of Rights (版權、網絡和權利平衡)


    Author: Li Yahong

    Publisher: Hong Kong University Press, published in November 2016

  • The Luxury Economy and Intellectual Property: Critical Reflections


    Haochen Sun & Barton Beebe (eds), Oxford University Press, 2015.
    Our contribution to this book on luxury and brands describes a cultural approach to brands.

  • National Space Law in China: an overview of the current situation and outlook for the future


    Zhao Yun (Leiden: Brill Nijhoff, 2015)

  • Privacy and Legal Issues in Cloud Computing

    Anne Cheung & Rolf Weber (Edward Elgar, 2015).
    This book focuses on emerging and innovative attempts to tackle privacy and legal issues in cloud computing.

  • Cartels in Asia: Law & Practice


    Thomas Cheng & Sandra M. Colino (eds), Kluwer Law and Business, 2015.
    The book seeks to provide an Asian perspective on legal issues related to anti-cartel laws across selected regions in Asia.

  • Cyber Law in Hong Kong (2nd ed.)


    Author: Zhao Yun
    Publisher: Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands : Kluwer Law International. 2014.

  • Butterworths Hong Kong Trade Marks Handbook – Second Edition


    Li Yahong (LexisNexis Butterworths, May 2011)

  • Butterworths Hong Kong Intellectual Property Handbooks

    Alice Lee & Li Yahong (LexisNexis Butterworths, 2011).