Intellectual Property Law in China, 2nd Edition

Authors: Peter Ganea, Danny Friedmann, Jyh-An Lee & Douglas Clark

Edited by Christopher Heath

Publisher and year of publish: Wolters Kluwer, 2021

About this book: Intellectual Property Law in China is an influential book that draws on an abundance of court and administrative decisions explaining how the law is applied by the various intellectual property (IP) courts and administrative bodies. IP law and practice in China has changed dramatically since the first edition of this book was published in 2005. In recent years, the Chinese IP system has demonstrated its ability to rapidly adapt to new social and economic conditions. In a thorough and systematic manner, the authors clearly demonstrate the sophisticated level of legal certainty available for domestic and foreign entities doing business in China, including the adaptation of the legal framework to new technologies, broadened scope of protected subject matter, improved quality of filings, balancing the interests of copyright owners in efficient online copyright protection and significant enhancement of enforcement with regard not only to remedies but also to procedural aspects.

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