Category: In the Spotlight

  • Statement of Public Interest Principles for Copyright Protection under the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)


    Haochen Sun, Associate Professor of Law and Director, Law and Technology Centre, The University of Hong Kong.

  • Statement of Call by Creative Commons Hong Kong


    The First HK Chapter meeting will take place on Oct 25 (Thursday) at 12:30pm in HKU. All Hong Kong-based CC members are invited to join the meeting.

  • Ryan Whalen on Common Law Evolution and Judicial Impact in the Age of Information


    An article written by Ryan Whalen et al. published in Elon Law Review.

  • Anne Cheung Interviewed on Hong Kong Defamation Law


    Professor Anne Cheung was recently interviewed by Amnesty International Hong Kong on Hong Kong defamation law. In the interview, Professor Cheung discussed the limited access to justice by the poor, the burden of proof being favourable to plaintiffs, the threshold and defence of political libel, […]

  • Thomas Cheng Receives Award for Antitrust Scholarship (American Antitrust Institute)


    Thomas Cheng awarded for his sole authored article, “Antitrust Treatment of the No Challenge Clause” (2016) 5 N.Y.U.J. of Intell. Prop. & Ent. Law 437.

  • Kelvin Kwok on Bilateral Antitrust Cooperation Between Hong Kong and Mainland China

    Kelvin Kwok’s new article published on Asian Journal of Comparative Law, May 2017.

  • Yahong Li Interviewed on Taiwanese Case of “Secondary Creation” and “Fair Use” (Ming Pao)


    Dr. Yahong Li interviewed on “Secondary Creation” and “Fair Use”, based on the Gu Amo’s case.

  • Alice Lee’s Comparative Study of Well-known Trade Marks and Dissimilar Goods (HKLJ)

    An article examining the scope of ss 18(4) and 12(4) of the Trade Marks Ordinance (Cap 559), explains why they should be construed as limited to dissimilar goods and services and concludes that the Trade Marks Registry Work Manual is in desperate need of revision.

  • Yahong Li Interviewed on Patent Rights and New Drug Approvals in China (S&P Global)


    “China’s patent linkage system fosters innovation, keeps generic makers in fold” Lisa Anne Cam S&P Global Market Intelligence 24 May 2017 While the recent decision to implement a patent linkage system in China seeks to encourage innovation in the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturers of generics could […]

  • Interview with Germany’s National TV Station on China’s Social Credit System


    Professor Anne Cheung and Dr. Clement Chen are currently studying China’s Social Credit System and its legal implications. In an interview in March 2017 with ZDF, the largest TV station in Germany, they shared their views on the background and the unfolding of the Social […]

  • Yahong Li and Graham Greenleaf on China’s Copyright Public Domain in Comparison with Australia (new article)


    An article by Yahong Li and Graham Greenleaf on China’s Copyright Public Domain in Comparison with Australia published in Australian Intellectual Property Journal (2017).

  • Haochen Sun Interviewed on the TRUMP Trademark Registration in China (LA Times)


    Interviewed by Jessica Meyers from Los Angeles Times, news particle published on 6 March 2017.

  • HKU Survey on IP Dispute Resolution in Hong Kong


    A survey to seek the industry and practitioners’ views on the current IP dispute resolution system in Hong Kong.

  • Responsible Communication by Internet Intermediaries


    Dr. Marcelo Thompson in LSE’s Media Policy Project Blog.