• Tackling Cyberbullying by Enhancing Privacy Protection: A Comparative and an Interdisciplinary Study (面對網上欺凌,加強私隱保護:比較與跨學科研究)


    Research Project funded by GRF, led by Professor Anne Cheung (PI).

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  • International Collaboration – “Digital China, from cultural presence to innovative nation”

    A 4-year project led by Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Yahong Li and others

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  • Buyer Power under Competition Law: A Theoretical Examination and a Case Study of Hong Kong (競爭法與買方權勢:從理論和香港方面探討)


    Research project funded by GRF, led by Kelvin Kwok (PI) and Thomas Cheng (co-investigator).

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  • Harmony, Identity, and Governance: Evaluating China’s Social Credit System


    Research project led by Dr. Marcelo Thompson (PI).

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  • Analysis of Intellectual Property Licence Refusals under the Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law


    Research project led by Kelvin Kwok (PI).

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  • Joint-research project: “Prosumerism and Intellectual Property”


    Research project led by Dr. Yahong Li (one of co-PIs).

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  • Freedom of information and privacy protection in China: resolving conflicts and promoting accountability


    Research project led by Dr. Clement Chen (PI).

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  • How Can Copyright Law Best Promote the Public Interest? Perspectives from the Google Digital Library Litigations in China and the United States


    Research project led by Dr. Haochen Sun (PI).

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  • A Comparative Legal Study on Tackling Cyberbullying and Protecting Children’s Rights


    Principal Investigator: Professor Anne Cheung.

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  • Big Data Challenges and Consumer Surveillance: A Comparative Legal Study of Privacy in Germany and China (大數據及消費者監視帶來的挑戰:德國與中國隱私保護法律制度之比較)


    Research project led by Prof. Anne Cheung and Prof. Schulz from U of Hamburg (co-PIs).

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