Silver Strand Promotional Ambassador – Community Legal Education Programme for the Elderly

Project Coordinator: Anne Cheung

Team members: Benjamin Kao, Felix Chan, Reynold Cheng, Michael Cheung, Alan Lau (former Senior Research Assistant)

Source of funding: Knowledge Exchange (KE) Funding Exercise 2023/24

Amount of funding: HKD 500,000

Completion date: June 30, 2024

This project aims to empower the elderly community’s capacity (inclusive of the elderly, the middle-aged (50+ to 70) & their caregivers) in identifying potential legal issues in their everyday lives and help them in utilizing various online / offline legal resources to resolve these issues through:

(1) providing easily accessible legal information by leveraging on our existing platforms and newly developed AI-technology;

(2) organizing an in-depth and sustained community legal training programme to train up elderly into silver strand promotional ambassadors; and

(3) co-organizing online and physical public legal talks with our community partners and silver strand promotional ambassadors.