WTO and developing countries: the case for liberalization of telecommunications services in China

Author: Zhao Yun

In: Yu, G (Ed.), The development of the Chinese legal system: change and challenges, p. 311-325. New York, NY.: Routledge, 2011.

About the book (from publisher’s website): This book is the result of collective efforts in analysing the political, economic and social factors which affect the development of Chinese law. The volume contains contributions from a number of experts and scholars of Chinese law who examine some of the most important areas of Chinese law. The book covers constitutional law, criminal law, property law, mortgage law, intellectual property law, corporate law, securities regulation, banking regulation, civil procedural law, arbitration law, environmental law, and the regulation of telecommunications services.

Whilst the book addresses a number of diverse legal areas all the contributions look to explain the factors which led to the development of the law and the consequences of such developments, as well as the progress made by developing legal institutions and the possible obstacles to future development.

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