Type: Articles

  • Sherman vs. Goliath?: Tackling the Conglomerate Dominance Problem in Emerging and Small Economies – Hong Kong as a Case Study


    Author: Thomas Cheng

    Published in: Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business March 2017, Vol. 37, No. 1, pp 35-105.

  • Mediation in Contemporary China: Thinking About Reform


    Author: Zhao Yun
    Article published in Journal of Comparative Law (2016), Vol. X, Issue 2, p. 65-83.

  • The Role of Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements in International Space Cooperation

    Author: Zhao Yun

    Published in Space Policy (2016), Vol. 35, p. 1 – 7.

  • Should we introduce a new right of regeneration into copyright law?

    Co-authors: Ronald Yu & Sean Mok

    To be published in New Zealand Intellectual Property Journal (forthcoming).

  • Hermès in the Lost (Luxury) Paradise: How to Secure Enhanced Well-Known Trademark Protection in China

    Author: Haochen Sun

    Published in: European Intellectual Property Review (Sweet & Maxwell, 2016), v. 38 n. 2, p. 101-108.

  • Beyond Gatekeeping: The Normative Responsibility of Internet Intermediaries

    Author: Marcelo Thompson

    Published in: Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment & Technology Law (2016) Vol. 18, Issue 4, p. 783-849.

  • Toward Automatically Generating Privacy Policy for Android Apps

    Co-authors: L. Yu, T. Zhang, X. Luo, L. Xue and H. Chang

    Published in IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, vol. 12, no. 4, pp. 865-880, April 2017.

  • Aggregate Concentration: An Empirical Study of Competition Law Solutions

    Co-authors: Michael Gal and Thomas Cheng

    Published in: Journal of Antitrust Enforcement, 2016

  • Antitrust Treatment of No Challenge Clause

    Author: Thomas Cheng

    Published in: NYU Journal of Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law (2016), Vol. 5, No. 2

  • The PRC NDRC Case against Qualcomm: A Misguided Venture or Justified Enforcement of Competition Law?

    Author: Thomas Cheng

    Published in: Journal of Antitrust Enforcement online (2016)

  • Privacy and Freedom of Information in China: Review through the Lens of Government Accountability

    Author: Yongxi Chen

    Published in: European Data Protection Law Review (2015), Vol. 1, Issue 4, p. 265-276.

  • Anti-suit Injunctions and the Doctrine of Comity

    Author: Felix W. H. Chan
    Published in: The Modern Law Review (2016), v. 79 n. 2, p. 341-354.

  • Privacy Regulatory Model for the Cloud: A Case Study


    Author: Henry Chang

    Published in IEEE Cloud Computing (May – June 2015) Vol. 2, Issue 3, p. 67 – 72.

  • Live Migration in Emerging Cloud Paradigms


    Co-authors: M. Ficco, C. Esposito, H. Chang and K. K. R. Choo

    Article published in Cloud Computing, IEEE (2016), vol. 3, no. 2, p. 12-19.

  • Google Book Search, Transformative Use and Commercial Intermediation: An Economic Perspective


    Author: Kelvin Kwok

    Published in: Yale Journal of Law & Technology, v. 17, p. 283-318 (2015)

  • Application of International Cooperation Principles in Outer Space Activities: Forms and Entities 外空活動中國際合作原則的適用:形式和實體要求

    Author: Zhao, Yun
    In: Space International, v. 433, p. 36-39 (2015).

  • Open Access to Case Information: Recent Measure to Strengthen Procurators’ Ethics in China

    Author: Richard Wu
    Published in Legal Ethics,v. 17 n. 3, p. 454-457 (2015).

  • Specific Words of Incorporation in Bills of Lading

    Author: Felix W. H. Chan
    Published in The Law Quarterly Review, v. 131, 372-376. 2015.

  • Reforming Anti-Dilution Protection in the Globalization of Luxury Brands


    Author: Haochen Sun

    Published in Georgetown Journal of International Law, v. 45 n. 3, p.783-823. 2014.

  • The Boundary of Intellectual Property and Balance of Interest 知識產權的邊界與利益平衡

    Author: Yahong Li
    Published: Research on Rule of Law 法治研究雜誌社, Vol. 94 No. 10, p. 28-37, 2014.