K.P. Chow

Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science

Dr. K. P. Chow began his academic career in this department upon completion of his doctoral degree in the United States.  His earlier research works were in expert systems development and Chinese computing.  In the recent years, Dr. Chow’s research interests have migrated to computer forensics and digital investigations, and is the leader of the Computer Forensics Research Group of CISC.  Dr. Chow is also the Associate Programme Director for the MSc in E-Commerce and Internet Computing Programme. He is one of the instructor for the course e-Crime and gives lectures on digital evidence handling. Dr. Chow is the chairman of the Information Security and Forensics Society (Hong Kong) and a council member of the Hong Kong Forensic Science Society.

Dr. Chow has provided consultancy and training to local organizations including Hong Kong Telecom, Hong Kong Airport Services Limited, Hewlett Packard and MPFA in the areas distributed computing, Internet technology and software quality assurance. In the past few years, Dr. Chow has been invited to be a computer forensics expert to assist the Court and give advice to counsels on understanding and interpreting digital evidence in Hong Kong.

Research Interests: Computer Forensics, Digital Investigation, Data Privacy, Cryptography, Computer Security