Reminiscing About the Golden Age: An Analysis of Efforts to Revive the Hong Kong Film Industry Through the Lens of Copyright Protection

Yahong Li, Weijie Huang, Celine Melanie A. Dee, In Innovation, Economic Development, and Intellectual Property in India and China

Publisher: Springer

Year: 2019

Pages 145-172

Abstract: The Hong Kong film industry portrayed itself as an international film powerhouse during its golden age. Its light was dimmed on account of the industry’s director-centered production system, prevailing investor pressure, weak infrastructure, political and economic conditions, popularity of foreign films, and rampant piracy. The Hong Kong government established infrastructural solutions and financial remedies to alleviate the industry’s plight. Despite those laudable efforts, success has been limited. The key to restoring the film industry to its former glory lies in reforming the traditional Hong Kong copyright framework, including reconstructing the copyright ownership rule, providing breathing space for secondary creation, and decriminalizing individual, noncommercial online sharing.

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