Law Tech Talks (2010)

Defamation and the Internet in Australia and Hong Kong 
by Dr David Rolph, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Sydney

Mobile Financial Services
 by Professor Rolf H. Weber, University of Zurich; Visiting Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong

Current Internet Issues in IP: -OSPs, ideology and copyright; -Trade marks and adwords
 by Mr Paul Sumpter, Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland

Network Neutrality – Are There Problems in Hong Kong?
 By Mr AU Man Ho, former Director-General of Telecommunications, Hong Kong SAR Government

Adapting the Full Protection and Security Standard of International Investment Law to the Digital Age
 by Mr David Collins, Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director Graduate Entry LLB; The City Law School, City University London

Privacy and ICTs in a Changing World: The EU and China
 by Ms. Mireille M. Caruana, Centre for IT & Law, School of Law, University of Bristol

The Business of Luxury Brands and Trademark Protection
 by Dr. David Tan, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore

Keeping the Internet Open
 by Mr. Ross LaJeunesse, Head of Public Policy and Government Affairs, Google Inc, Asia

The Greater China IP Conference “Enhancing Intellectual Property Protection in Greater China: Contemporary Issues and Critical Analysis

The Need of and Justification for a General Competition-oriented Compulsory Licensing
 by Professor Kung-Chung Liu, Research Fellow, Institutum Iurisprudentiae, Academia Sinica; Professor, Institute of Law for Science and Technology, National Tsing Hua University; Professor, Graduate Institute of Intellectual Property, National Chengchi University

Legal eLearning and Interactive Teaching in an Information Society of Pluralistic Culture and Interdisciplinary Knowledge
 by Professor Amy Huey-Ling Shee, National Chung Cheng University