Cheung A.S.Y., Language, In: Johannes Chan, SC and C.L. Lim, Law of the Hong Kong Constitution, 3rd Edition. Hong Kong, Sweet & Maxwell, 2021, p. 129-159.

Abstract: Law of the Hong Kong Constitution is at the same time a practitioners’ textbook as well as being a valuable academic treatise on the subject. The book seeks to explain and detail the history behind many of the provisions of the Basic Law. An understanding of the history of the Basic Law, indeed of Hong Kong itself, is the key to a comprehension of those rights and liberties that comprise a large part of what we call the Rule of Law. It guides, explains and provokes serious thought into what has become a crucial feature of our life. I unhesitatingly commend it to everyone.

From the Foreword to the First Edition by the Honourable Mr Justice Ma CJ.