Hong Kong: Covid-19 and Privacy

Author: Anne Cheung

Published on September 29, 2020 for project “Data protection in times of Covid-19 – Comparative perspectives in Europe and beyond” on Blogdroiteuropeen

Since the spread of the coronavirus in January 2020, whenever one enters a shop, restaurant, or salon in Hong Kong, body temperature will be taken. If one enters a clinic or hospital, in addition to body temperature, one’s travel data for the past 14 days will also be asked. The disclosure of health data has become a daily norm in Hong Kong. Seemingly, all these measures of prevention and control are justified. Yet, looming in the shadow of the pandemic is also the threat to privacy. In the name of public health and safety arising from Covid-19 pandemic, the Hong Kong Government (HKG) has rolled out measures of social distancing, contact tracing and voluntary universal testing in which health data and location data are being collected. Government measures have been viewed with suspicion by many citizens, largely due to the deteriorating relationship and the growing mistrust between the authorities (Beijing and HKG) and many Hong Kong citizens. This blog post will highlight the major measures that HKG has taken in its fight against the pandemic, and explore the privacy implications behind.

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