Cyberbullying in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China: in search of a regulatory framework

Author: Anne Cheung

In: Chan, KL (Ed.), Child Protection in Chinese Societies: Challenges and Policies, p. 119-141. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers, 2012.

About the book (from Nova Publishers): This book introduces the current situations of child victimization in the Chinese populations to readers, discusses the relevant political and legal systems as well as health and social services, and puts forward some recommendations for effective child protection with an emphasis on the unique cultural values and situations in the Chinese populations. Grounded in the recent and contemporary research and scholarly inquiry, this is a vital book for understanding trends and current situations in China, as well as an essential read for those who work, research, teach or study in the area. This book is the only one available to date to present a comprehensive and critical review of child maltreatment and victimization in China whilst promoting a multi-disciplinary collaboration to child protection. (Imprint: Nova)

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