Competition and the State in China

Author: Thomas Cheng

In: Thomas K. Cheng, Ioannis Lianos, and D. Daniel Sokol (Eds.), Competition and the State, p. 170-186. Stanford, California: Stanford University Press, 2014.

About the book (from Publisher’s website): The book analyzes the role of the state across a number of dimensions as it relates to competition law and policy across a number of dimensions. This book re-conceptualizes the interaction between competition law and government activities in light of the profound transformation of the conception of state action in recent years by looking to the challenges of privatization, new public management, and public-private partnerships. It then asks whether there is a substantive legal framework that might be put in place to address competition issues as they relate to the role of the state. Various chapters also provide case studies of national experiences. The volume also examines one of the most highly controversial policy issues within the competition and regulatory sphere—the role of competition law and policy in the financial sector.

This book, the third in the Global Competition Law and Economics series, provides a number of viewpoints of what competition law and policy mean both in theory and practice in a development context.

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