Dr. Haochen Sun

Associate Professor; Director, Law and Technology Centre

Dr. Haochen Sun is an Associate Professor of Law at the Department of Law, HKU. He has been a visiting professor at the University of California, Davis, School of Law and the University of North Carolina School of Law.  Starting from mid-September 2016, he has been the Director of the Law and Technology Centre, HKU.

He teaches and writes in the areas of intellectual property and property law. His scholarship draws on social, cultural, and political thought to explore the theoretical foundations of intellectual property and property law. His most recent research is concerned with intellectual property protection of luxury goods, the ideas of social responsibility and justice in intellectual property law, the reconceptualization of the nature of fair use in copyright law, and a new social-political theory of the public trust doctrine.  In 2012, he won a research grant to study the role of intellectual property in promoting the fashion and luxury industry from the Hong Kong Research Grants Council. He has twice won the HKU Faculty of Law Research Output Prize.

Haochen has organized a few international conferences. In June 2014, he co-organized the Value Pluralism and Intellectual Property Law conference, which was a joint event hosted by the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law and the University of Pennsylvania Law School. In June 2012, Haochen organized a two-day conference entitled “Charting the New Frontiers of Intellectual Property Protection of Luxury Goods.” The conference featured talks by leading intellectual property scholars and practitioners from the United States, Europe, and Hong Kong.