Date: Friday, Nov 28, 2014
Venue: Conference Room, 11/F, Cheng Yu Tung Tower, HKU
Organizers: Law and Technology Center, University of Hong Kong

0900 – 0910 Opening Remarks by Prof. Michael Hor (Dean, Faculty of Law, HKU)
0910 – 0940 Keynote Speech by Mr. Allan Chiang (Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong)
“Managing Privacy and Data Protection as Corporate Governance Responsibility”
0940 – 1100 Session I: International Updates on Personal Data Protection
• Prof. John Bacon-Shone (Associate Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, HKU)
• Ms. Carly Nyst (Legal Director, Privacy International)
“The rights to privacy and data protection in Europe – Snowden, Safe Harbour and Digital Rights Ireland
• Prof. Ching-Yi Liu (Professor, Graduate Institute of National Development, National Taiwan University)
“The Struggle of Privacy Law in Taiwan: From Autonomy in the control of Personal Information to the Right of Quantitative Privacy”
• Mr. Ken Yang (Deputy Director, Office for Personal Data Protection)
“The notification system of data processing in Macao”
• Prof. Zhao Yun (Professor, Faculty of Law, HKU)
“Online Privacy Protection in China: Present and Future”
1100 – 1120 Q&A
1120 – 1140 Break
1140 – 1240 Session II: Personal Data Protection as a Consumer Right
• Ms. Pancy Fung (Adjunct Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, HKU)
• Prof. Anne Cheung (Professor, Faculty of Law, HKU)
“Rethinking Privacy: The Big Data Business of Data Broker”
• Dr. Wei Lin (Partner, Zhonglun W&D Law Firm, PRC)
“Privacy and Personal Data Protection in China: Progress and Deficiency—From the Prospective of Customers”

• Dr. Yongxi Chen (Post-Doctoral Fellow, HKU)
“Real name registration of Chinese Internet users: imbalance between personal data protection and surveillance”
1240 – 1300 Q&A
1300 – 1400 Lunch
1400 – 1410 Demonstration of our new database: ‘Privacy Law in Greater China: A Database for Comparative Statutory Sources’
Dr. Yongxi Chen
1410 – 1510 Session III: Protection of Health Data
• Dr Henry Chang (Information Technology Advisor, Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data)
• Dr. Chih-hsing Ho (Assistant Professor, Institute of European and American Studies Academia Sinica)
“Medical Research, Privacy, and the Protection of Healthcare Data in Taiwan: Challenges and Perspectives”
• Mr. Terry Kaan (Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, HKU)
“Electronic Medical Records: Mapping the Future”
• Dr. Ding Chunyan (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, City University)
“Health Data Protection and the Public Interest in Disclosure in China”
1510 – 1530 Q&A
1530 – 1550 Break
1550 – 1650 Session IV: Roundtable on Right to Be Forgotten
• Dr. Marcelo Thompson (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, HKU)
• Dr. Stuart Hargreaves (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, CUHK)
• Ms. Carly Nyst (Legal Director, Privacy International)
• Dr. Yan Meining (Associate Professor, Law School, Shantou University)
“The right to be forgotten? – Greater China and beyond (as illustrated by online searches of sex photos)”
• Prof. Rolf H.Weber (Chair of International Business Law, University of Zurich)
“Roundtable on Right to be Forgotten”
1650 – 1710 Q&A
1710 – 1730 Concluding Remarks