The Law and Technology Centre of the Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong, has the pleasure to host the Workshop: Big Data and Privacy on 30 Nov 2015.

Big data, as revolutionary ways of generating and processing voluminous and diverse data sets across different sectors, is being increasingly employed in business, governance and social life, with the potential of unleashing immense social and economic values and serving the common good. Meanwhile, big data impacts on privacy of individuals and challenges the effectiveness of traditional legal frameworks for data protection, yet the solution remains obscure.

This workshop reflects on both the potentials and uncertainties of big data by bringing together academics, representatives of the industry and privacy regulators. It reviews the advancement of big data for business re-modeling, governance enhancement and social movement support. Furthermore, it also explores the privacy implications and data protection measures in data-driven businesses, including profiling, monitoring, predictive analysis, etc. Rather than providing ready solutions, the workshops aims to shed new light on our understanding of the desirable use of big data.

We look forward to welcoming you at HKU.

Professor Anne SY Cheung
Law & Technology Centre
Faculty of Law, HKU